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Las Vegas Evaporative Air Conditioning

When the outside temperature heats up, most people turn to air conditioning systems to cool off. However, with the cost of energy usage continually going up, many people are searching for cheaper ways to feel comfortable despite the heat. If you fall into this category, you might be interested in learning more about evaporative air conditioning units.

What Is Evaporative
Air Conditioning?

Offering a low cost alternative to traditional air conditioning, evaporative coolers provide a low-technology option that can be used instead of refrigerated air conditioning. This style of air conditioning utilizes water evaporation with the flow of warm air to create cooler air.
Evaporative units cool the air by drawing outside air through moistened pads situated inside the machine. The air is cooled as it passes through the moist pads due to the evaporation of the water. That is, as the air passes over the moist pads, it absorbs some of the water, which cools the air. It is then circulated through the building using a large blowe

What Type of Air Works Best with
Evaporative Air Conditioning?

In order to lower the temperature of the air being drawn through the moist pads, the air must be dry. The higher the level of humidity in the outside air, the more difficult it becomes to cool it.

What Are the Benefits of
Evaporative Air Conditioning?


    Using an evaporative cooler rather than a traditional air conditioning unit offers several benefits. They include:

  • A lower price tag – with simpler technology being used, the cost to make or purchase an evaporative cooler is considerably less expensive than a standard AC unit of comparable size.
  • Lower usage costs – an evaporative unit utilizes less energy, and so it costs less to run one.
  • Operational on 120/208/240-volt electricity – evaporative coolers can get plugged into an electrical outlet with the right voltage.
  • Cleaner air – the moist pads trap particulates from the air as it flows through the machine.
  • Easy installation for smaller units – window units require little work at all to install them.
  • Fresher air – the constant flow of outside air entering the home pushes stale air out.

Getting the Right Evaporative Air
Unit in Las Vegas

Our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians can assist you in determining the right size evaporative cooler for your needs. Using a simple formula and the measurement for the cubic feet of space that you want to cool, they determine exactly what size evaporative cooling unit you need.

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