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Garbage Disposal
Repairs and Replacements

If you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen, then you know just how convenient it can be. In fact, it is easy to fall into the habit of relying on this piece of equipment to assist you with cleaning up after preparing a large meal. If it starts to malfunction, you could be faced with a problem that requires the steady hands of a professional plumber.

Reasons Why
Garbage Disposals Break

One of the primary reasons behind a failure is the fact that the device has been cheaply made or improperly installed. Inexpensive disposals last only a couple of years, so they require replacement as the motor wears out. Cheaply made ones have other parts that wear out as well or cause jamming issues with the device.

Identifying That You Have a
Problem with Your Garbage Disposal

The easiest way to identify that you have a problem with your garbage disposal before it becomes too serious is to pay attention to it each time that you use it. Watch to see if your drain becomes sluggish after using it. This could be a sign that the trap is clogged. You can attempt to fix this on your own using a plumbing snake, or you can call a plumber to do it for you.
Listen for changes in the way that your disposal sounds as this could be a sign that parts are wearing out. It could also be a sign that something other than food has become lodged in the equipment. Vibrating noises can indicate that the disposal screws are becoming loose and need tightening.

Additional Problems

It is possible that your disposal will develop a leak that needs the attention of a professional repairman. While the leak can seem like a small problem, it is important to have it repaired right away before it causes extensive damage to your cabinetry. In some cases, the disposal simply stops working because of an electrical issue, which might need the services of an electrician or plumber with electrical skills.

Reasonable Garbage Disposal Repairs

Most repairs are inexpensive and affordable due to the location of this equipment and the type of issues that might be causing the problem that you are experiencing. Hiring a licensed plumber can have the problem fixed within a couple of hours, so please contact us if you suspect that your garbage disposal is in need of repairs.

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