Is your attic insulation properly weather proofed? Attic insulation can degrade over time — and it can also be damaged by pests. It’s important to get your attic insulation inspected, weather proofed and maintained on a regular basis.

Weather Proofing Against Hot and Cold Weather

Weather proofing isn’t just for the winter; your attic insulation will improve the efficiency of both your heater and your air conditioning system. So before the hot temperatures of summer hit, you may want to get your attic properly sealed. And, contrary to popular belief, improving insulation in one area of your home isn’t going to simply push the hot or cold air out of other areas of your home; improving any insulation will have a net benefit to you, both in terms of comfort and utility cost!

Inspecting Your Attic Insulation

If your attic insulation isn’t up to the task, it’s very likely that you are wasting a lot of electricity. The bulk of most people’s electrical bills is in heating and cooling costs, especially in areas that have significant temperature extremes. Improving attic insulation is also a fantastic way to make your home more eco-friendly. Installing new attic insulation and replacing old attic insulation is a very fast process ensures the continued comfort of your home.

Weather Proofing Your Attic

Weather proofing also goes beyond simply applying insulation inside the attic itself. We can also ensure that air is not escaping between the attic and your home, by adding weather proofing strips to any connections between your home and attic. The ultimate goal of attic insulation is to ensure that air does not move freely between the attic and your living space, but small areas and drafts can affect the efficiency of your insulation.
We provide a one year warranty on all our labor, so call us today! We can schedule a consultation with you to determine whether any of your insulation, attic or otherwise, needs to be improved.

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