REME® Technology

REME® Technology

As more knowledge about the importance of the quality of indoor air comes to the forefront, homeowners have asked for efficient solutions that can protect them from the pollutants that fill the air that they breathe every day. One answer for this need is REME® Technology, a product that destroys pollutants both in the air and on surfaces. REME® stands for Reflective Electro-Magnetic Energy. It is an air purifying system that addresses the presence of germs, microbes, spores, and odors in the home, eliminating most of them from your air.

Enjoying a Healthy
Indoor Environment

With cleaner indoor air, you and your family can breathe easier. Asthma attacks should become less frequent, and allergy symptoms should diminish noticeably. REME® technology is designed to clean your air as it reduces the quantity of germs and odors in your home.

How Does REME® Technology in
Las Vegas Work?

Developed more than twenty years ago, REME® technology makes use of an electro magnetic energy cell to combine oxygen and humidity into a unique, human-friendly oxidizer plasma. It super charges or ionizes the hydroperoxides, which are contained in the plasma.
This process enables the hydroperoxides to destroy dangerous microbials that can harm people after long-term exposure. The plasma is sent through your HVAC system using a silent propulsion method. As a result of using the ionized advanced oxidizers, the REME® system eliminates the danger of pollution before it reaches your lungs.
The airborne oxidizers are found naturally in the environment. Super charging them enables them to actively search for and destroy dangerous pathogens from the air. Typically, these compounds are found in lower levels within the indoor air, which is why the REME® system is so important to the quality of the air that you breathe each day.

Arranging for a REME®
Technology System

Prior to your installation, our knowledgeable, industry-trained technicians come out to evaluate your home and your existing heating and cooling system. Once this process is completed, we provide you with the information you need to determine which installation is best for your needs. Please contact us today if you want cleaner air now.

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